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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And furthermore,

I can't explain it, but Prejean really bothers me. I'll let Keith Olberman do the talking:

Carrie Prejean and why she bothers me

Fine, she believes in "traditional marriage." Whatever. My feelings about that should be obvious.

Please tell me, though, how she represents either Christian values or strong women by posing nude, semi-nude, or by getting breast implants???

Lesson learned from this: any time Donald Trump says some one is lovely, they won't get fired.

Mother's Day

We surprised our moms and drove up for the day. Also, the pictures of Katie's cards (out of order).

Taste of Addison

Is it over yet???

Yesterday was the worst day yet of being pregnant- I couldn't keep anything down until last night. My hopes are that it was the final hurrah of all this sickness nonsense, because it did not last much longer with Katie. So far, this morning, I've eaten a bowl of cereal- seriously, that's about quadruple of everything I had total (and then threw up) yesterday. I'm hoping it stays down because I have to get things done today, namely, a load of underwear- I'm just about out!

I can smell my neighbor's laundry dryer sheets this morning, too, and that's gross. But, so far, I feel much, much better today...fingers crossed it stays that way. And- apparently, my friend LaRae's water broke this morning. Here's hoping everything goes perfectly for the Duff family!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Heading into the second trimester

Thanks goodness, tomorrow is the first day of my second trimester- week 14. I have felt like total crap today, so I hope the next couple weeks brings an end to the nausea. Seriously, I'm so over it. I eat, and feel like crap. I don't eat because I feel sick when I do, and I feel like crap then. Some days have been better than others, but the past two have been awful.

Still a good sign, though. That's the bright side, I guess. I just can't wait to eat a meal in peace, especially since Mom, Katie and I are going to Santa Fe in a week- and I can't wait for all the food!

Here's looking forward to the Shed, the Pantry, and tons of other delicious restaurants in Santa Fe. No La Fonda since Katie's with us, but oh, I can't wait...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Right up there with Valentine's day??

Some Valentine's Days are better than others and the magnitude of my expectations for the day has certainly changed over the years. My disenchantment with romance comes despite my sizable skepticism regarding the reality of romance. But now, Mother's Day is right up there as one of those days I set my expectations really, really, reeeeally low.

What you can call my "first" Mother's Day was great, if the gratification I got from my Mom and Eric's parents were all that mattered. From my hubby, however....not so much. I was quite pregnant with Katie at the time, we had both even bought flowers for our mothers, but that Sunday, I got up to cook my own breakfast before Eric even realized what he had completely, entirely forgotten about me: that I, too, was a mother. I'm not gonna lie: I was deeply upset. I walked out the kitchen door to sob because I just didn't want Eric to know how hurt I was that he had completely forgotten about me on Mother's Day.

Last year, Eric redeemed himself. It was rainy that day, but he cooked a delicious meal that we were going to eat al fresco. It was wonderful, plus I bought my kick ass coffee maker with the gift money Mom sent.

This year, I'm carrying that sense of forboding. Katie's day care requested a picture of she and I together for a holiday art project. I actually have very few pictures of the two of us together because I'm the one manning the camera most times.

This morning, as Eric and Katie were headed out the door, I commented that I guess I wasn't getting my mother's day gift from Katie's school because we had never brought a picture in. Yes, I'm bitter about this. Very bitter. And then, Eric first says that he's pretty sure they took a picture of Katie at school.

Okay, fine. But then he implies that I should print out a picture of myself to take to school. I hope it's evident why this ticks me off. I'm not going to help Katie construct the gift intended for me. That's should be his job...or am I crazy?

So, we're back to two years ago when he seems completely clueless. Maybe I expect too much, or maybe I'd just like my husband to take the time to do something as simple as print a picture out and take it to school. Really, that would be perfectly sweet and would totally make my day.

Maybe I'll be surprised Sunday. I'm not getting my hopes up.